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Easter Coloring Sheets

Easter Coloring Sheets

With Easter being a just 3 weeks I figured what better thing to do today then color some Easter pictures. Ive been battling a horrible cold all week and haven’t wanted to go outside and play to much so I’ve been trying to come up with fun things to keep the little entertained in the house. I found these coloring sheets online so I figured Id share them with you! Have a wonderful Sunday!! And happy early Easter!

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Peep Easter Wreath

Peep Wreath

Peep Easter Wreath

Time: 1 hour


18 boxes of peeps in any color (chicks or bunnies would work)
12 inch straw or Styrofoam wreath
ribbon for wrapping wreath, bow on front and for hanging (optional)


  1. Open all the peeps and separate. This will make things go much quicker then pinning pack by pack. You can lay them on a cookie sheet for easy grabbing.
  2. Wrap the wreath in ribbon. Loop a piece of ribbon through one of the ribbons around the wreath if you are going to want a ribbon to hang from. Or wrap a piece of ribbon around the wreath (like in picture).
  3. Stick the toothpicks into wreath and then add the peep to the other end of the toothpick.
  4. Add optional bow on front if you want.

And there you have a beautifully festive Easter wreath, in one of the most beloved Easter treats.


One of my good friends made this and I thought it was the cutest Easter decoration, and I knew I had to share it on here. Thanks Paulina for your idea and sharing your photos with me.

Easter Peep