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DIY Autumn Tulle Wreath Decoration

I saw this on Etsy for over $50 and I knew that I could make it for much cheaper. Under $15 to be exact and I have enough tulle left over that I could make another one or maybe an autumn colored tutu for my little girl…I’ll let you guys know what I decided to do.

If you know how to make a no sew tutu then this is basically the same thing. You just tie your knots around the wreath instead of ribbon/elastic. I hope these instructions make sense. If you have any questions please email me and I can explain it better, if needed. I would love to see your finished product. Have a wonderful craft time!

DIY Autumn Tulle Wreath Decoration


1 Styrofoam wreath
1 roll of tulle 6 x 25, in at least 3 colors
ribbon in coordinating colors with your tulle
decorative leaves
push sewing pin (optional)


  1. Cut your tulle into 16-18″ pieces.
  2. After you have all your pieces cut figure out what color pattern you want.
  3. Then take one strip at a time, fold it in half, wrap around the wreath and pull the ends through the loop side. (pictured below).
  4. Then you can either tie both sides in a knot or secure with a push sewing pin. Must do one of these to prevent the knot from slipping out.
  5. Once you have all the tulle on your wreath, randomly tie a small piece of ribbon through out your wreath.
  6. I used push sewing pins to secure my leaves in place, but you could also hot glue them.
  7. String a long piece of ribbon through one piece of tulle at the top of your wreath to hang it from.
Fall Wreath
Fall Wreath
Fall Wreath
Fall Wreath


Tulle Wreath Directions

When I made this I forgot to take step by step photos so I borrowed this one from Whiteley Creek.