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Easter Coloring Sheets

Easter Coloring Sheets

With Easter being a just 3 weeks I figured what better thing to do today then color some Easter pictures. Ive been battling a horrible cold all week and haven’t wanted to go outside and play to much so I’ve been trying to come up with fun things to keep the little entertained in the house. I found these coloring sheets online so I figured Id share them with you! Have a wonderful Sunday!! And happy early Easter!

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Kid Hand Print Painting Project Perfect for Gift for Parents or Grandparents




What better way to preserve your child’s art and tiny size? This craft gives you art to hang on the wall and gives a beautiful reminder of how tiny their hand was. My daughter made these for her 2 grandmas. They are going to love them. I wish I had made a 3rd so I could keep one :) I guess we will have to fix that and make another! It was so sunny yesterday so I figured lets take the table in the front yard and get to painting. To my surprise there was no paint on her, the ground….or anywhere but on the paper.?. I guess she is growing up :( but I know if we had done this inside it probably would have been a different story.

This is super easy for all ages and makes an excellent gift. I would love to see how yours turn out or hear how much fun you guys had, Enjoy!


  • Washable Paint (in case you have a little one who might get messy)
  • Paintbrushes, or fingers
  • White paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Frame
  • Tape


  1.  Set up a paint station for your kid.
  2. Let them go crazy and paint whatever they want :) let dry completely.
  3. Trace their hand on a piece of scrap paper. Then retrace on your scrapbook paper and cut out.
  4. Glue the hand on the painting.
  5. Frame and gift! Or hang on your own wall.

Homemade Mothers Day Card Craft for Toddlers

Mothers Day is this Sunday, so if you are scrambling and not sure what to make mom or grandma, have your little one make this card. Who doesn’t love a homemade gift from their favorite little one/s.

My daughter in class today made a fun mothers day card, and I figured I’d share it with all of you. It’s fun for toddlers or bigger kids, the younger they are the more help they will need from you. I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day and enjoy your weekend.

Happy Mothers Day to my mom, mother-in-law, & grandmas love you all!!



  • 1 piece white paper
  • 1 piece of colored construction paper, cut into fun shape for inside of card
  • markers
  • glue stick
  • little squares of tissue wrapping paper
  • a young ones imagination ;)


  1. Let your little one have a ball creating a mothers day card.

Theirs don’t need to look like this. I like the ones that show their creativity more! My daughter had a ball with the marker, then she told me that was a picture of a kitty cat!



Paper Flower Craft for Children


We made this craft at the library last week, and my daughter had so much fun. Actually all the kids there had a ball, and I even saw some moms enjoying themselves :) me included!


  • 1 sheet of construction paper
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • straw
  • hand to trace


  1. Trace your little ones hand on the paper, have them cut it out, or if too young you can do it.
  2. Wrap around the straw and staple at the bottom of the hand, and there you have a beautiful flower.
  3. I choose to do my hand in purple and my daughters in pink and stapled my daughters on the top of the straw, and then stapled mine a bit lower around hers, to create a mulch-colored flower.

Make as many as you want, put them in a vase on the dining room table for a few days, and let your little one feel so special for creating art in the home.


If you have any questions, let me know. I’d love to see what your little ones create.

Lizard or Snake Craft for Toddlers




This is a fun craft for toddlers and young children. You could really make this into what ever animal you’d like but we made ours into a snake/lizard. Looks like both to me :)


  • 1 piece of paper cut into a long strip.
  • Markers
  • Glue Stick
  • Piece of red paper or red glitter paper cut into a long triangle.


  1. Let your little one color their animal, you might need to help draw eyes.
  2. Fold it into thirds.
  3. Glue the tongue on and voila you have an animal that was fun for your little one to make.






Strawberry Handprint Kid Craft

Strawberry Kid Craft

My daughter made this fun craft at the library story time a few weeks ago. All the kids thought it was pretty fun and it’s a way to document their cute little hand size. Hope you and your kids have fun creating strawberries.

red & green construction paper
glue stick
black marker


  1. Cut a strawberry shape out of the red paper.
  2. Trace your child’s hand on the green paper and glue it to the top of your strawberry.
  3. Let them color with the black marker, your example can have little seed dots but your child will probably make a neat design like my daughter did :)
Strawberry Kid Craft


Strawberry Kid Craft

My daughters strawberry!

Grandma was very excited when we visited her after the library and she got to hang this on her fridge.

Strawberry Kid Craft

Librarians Example

Homemade Trick or Treat Pumpkin Bag


For all of you moms out there freaking out that you don’t have a trick or treat bag for your little one, have no fear. This homemade pumpkin bag is perfect for little ones to collect a little bit of candy and they have something fun to do before they get all dress up. I hope that this helps everyone, You could always use other colors and shapes to create other characters! Enjoy!!

1 brown paper lunch bag
orange and black construction paper
of course goodies to put in it ;)

  1. You or your little one cut out shapes for your pumpkins eyes, nose, mouth and a strip for a handle.
  2. Glue your face on the bag.
  3. Staple the handle on and now you have a cute pumpkin trick or treat bag.

All these pumpkins have great character, I’d love to see how yours turn out!


Itsy Bitsy Spider Hat Kid Halloween Craft

Spider Hat

My almost 2 year old helped me with this craft but I basically put the thing together, so depending on your child’s age you will probably have to help assemble this adorable little spider hat. This craft is not only for Halloween time I just chose to make it around Halloween. Enjoy!

Spider Hat


Black Construction paper

  • 2 strips that are 11″ x 3″ for headband
  • 6-8 strips that are 1″ x 11″ for the legs
  • 2 small circles for the eyes

White Construction Paper

  • 2 circles for eyes

Glue stick


  1. Cut your black construction paper into strips. You will need 2 strips that are 11″ x 3″ to make the headband and 6-8 strips that are 1″ x 11″ for the legs.
  2. Glue the small black circle onto the white circles to create the eyes.
  3. Measure your child’s head to figure out how big to the headband part, tape together.
  4. Glue or tape the eyes onto the headband.
  5. Fold your legs accordion style and tape the ends on the inside of your headband.
  6. Voila you now have a pretty cool spider hat and I suggest singing Itsy Bitsy Spider :) lyrics below!
Spider Hat

Unfortunately my daughter would not keep the hat on for longer then 3 seconds so she thought it was fun to have her friends try it on. Hopefully your kid enjoys wearing it.

Spider Hat

Itsy-Bitsy Spider

The itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
And the itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the spout again

Colorful Fall Leaves Construction Paper Craft for Children

Fall Leaves Craft

What better way to welcome fall then with a fun craft to celebrate the leaves changing colors. You only need a few items and your child can have a blast making a tree with beautiful colored leaves. My daughter had so much fun with this, I think her favorite part was ripping the paper into small pieces. I would love to see your child’s finished product and will display on here if you give the ok. Happy fall everyone!

Colorful Fall Leaves Construction Paper Craft for Children

Time: 10 minutes
Yields: 2 beautiful works of art

Material Needed

1 piece of blue construction paper, cut in half
1 piece of brown construction paper cut into 2″ x 6″ strips, you will only use two of these strips
whatever color you want your leaves to be, red, orange, purple, yellow, green
glue stick


  1. Glue the tree truck on your blue piece of paper.
  2. Then rip little pieces of the colored paper and glue to make leaves.
Fall Leaves Craft
Fall Leaves Craft
Fall Leaves & Owl Craft

Painted Coffee Filter Butterfly Kid Craft

This is an easy craft to make with items you already have around your house. My daughter had a blast making this colorful butterfly and she loves flying it around the house. You can use paint or crayola paint dabbers, bingo dabbers or whatever you like.

butterfly craft

coffee filters
paint dabbers or paint
wood clothes pins
sticker letter for antenna or cut paper in the shape of an antenna and glue on


  1. Flatten 1 coffee filter and paint. Let dry.
  2. Add antennas and draw eyes on the short end of the pin.
  3. Crumple in center and add clothes pin as the body.

Now have fun flying your little critter around the house.

butterfly craft
butterfly craft
butterfly craft
butterfly craft
butterfly craft